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Re: sound card problem

On Wed 05 Sep 2018 at 00:15:23 (+0000), Long Wind wrote:
> sorry, this question isn't linux specific

It's unspecific in several other ways.

> TV audio output

What sort of output? Intended for speakers, or headphones,
or a line-style output.

> is connected to linein of my sound card

What sound card is that? Enumerate the inputs and outputs,
how they are labelled, and which ones you are using.

> speaker is connected to output of sound card

What, directly? Full-size passive speakers, or active ones with
some sort of amplification built into them.

> tv sound can be heard even when pc is shut down

How loud? Just as loud as when the PC is running with the mixers
turned up, turned down, muted? Or just loud enough to be a
distraction if you're, say, dozing/sleeping in the same room?

> i have to turn off speaker, this isn't convenient

You say "turn off" rather than "disconnect". Is that because the
speakers are being run from an amplifier that's independent of the
sound card?

> i mute all in mixer before shutting down stretch, it doesn't help
> is there any solution? Thanks!

Dunno. But it helps to have the problem explained.
We can't do house calls!


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