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Re: OpenVPN & Debian Stretch

Has anyone set up OpenVPN with ssh-keygen -t rsa ?

Wayne Sallee

On 09/04/2018 07:34 PM, Dan Purgert wrote:
Josh W. wrote:
Debian Users,
          I am having a terrible time setting up a free VPN Service! Could
"Any Body" point me to an UP To Date way. to set up OpenVPN on Debian
Stretch? Your Help is Much Needed!!! Thank you!

Joshua <joshw8104@gmail.com>

apt-get install openvpn-server

Should be enough to get the server going with bogus certs.  Then you
just have to generate yourself some certs to use (CA, Server, and

I think the generally easy approach to the cert generation is easy-rsa
(which is a separate package these days).

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