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Re: Getting rid of Wilber

David Niklas:
> James H. H. Lampert:
> > Hmm. I'm all for customizing UIs (my preferred Open Office icon is a 
> > manual typewriter, my preferred Firefox icon is one I found with the 
> > eponymous fox chewing on a Microsloth Imploder logo, and my preferred 
> > Thunderbird icon has the eponymous bird carrying a bottle of T-Bird), 
> > but what have you got against Wilber?
> Quick, where can I find the "eponymous fox chewing on a Microsloth
> Imploder logo"?
> Thanks!

I guess it's this one:  https://postimg.cc/image/n8txtg6zh/

Google's image search and Startpage's image search both point to
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ockFhUf2l7c . It seems to have disappeared there,
but Startpage still has it in its archives.

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