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Re: mailing list vs "the futur"

On Tuesday 04 September 2018 07:42:53 Dan Purgert wrote:

> Dave Sherohman wrote:
> > On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 01:35:35PM -0000, Dan Purgert wrote:
> >> [*] Please you one last holdout using our ancient FTP service,
> >> let's move to the 21st century and use SFTP, please?
> >
> > Last week, we decommissioned an ancient server[1] and then got a
> > call two days later from an academic complaining that his web site
> > had disappeared.  One of my predecessors had set him up with an
> > arrangement where he FTPed his files to this ancient server, then
> > the actual web host ran a daily cron job to scp files into
> > production.
> Aren't academics grand? :)
> > We somehow managed to convince him that the easiest solution would
> > be for him to use SFTP directly to the web server instead, and thus
> > my last FTP user fell.
> Well, at least he was okay with change.  Many academics aren't (and
> it's a right pain to deal with them - 'son, I've had tenure since The
> War*')
> *OK, maybe not quite that long ... :)

Depends on which war.:) I had a round with the air force at EAFB in the 
early 60's.

I had a contract to maintain the portal door cameras at the Titan-1 sites 
I'd also helped build in '60 and eventually the camera output looked 
like crap, so badly streaked that your could not identify if what was 
moving was human or a curious coyote.  So I took it to the bench and 
found a clamping diode, a ge type, that only had about a 3/1 ratio, 
forward to backward, so I automatically replaced it with the much better 
si switching diode, and the camera then made better pix than when it was 
new.  And I reported it on the repair forms. A major saw that I hadn't 
used the OEM part and had a whole litter of cows. Since they were 
supposedly to supply the parts, I had to submit an order, which because 
it was for a older part, took the flaps at the mams building about 2 
months to get and cost them damned near 200 dollars for a diode no 
better than a 1n34. The diode I had used was then selling at the shack 
for $2 a bag of 10, So I put the OEM part in the camera, the camera went 
back to looking a bit shitty, but the air force was happy and thats what 

Your academics can usually understand that the technology moves on, but 
the military? FurGedAboutIt, tain't gonna happen on that officers watch.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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