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Re: [Buster]: KDE wierdness: missing window titlebars + more

On 08/27/2018 04:55 PM, local10 wrote:

Am experiencing a wierd issue with KDE after installing kde-standard package. KDE starts fine but shows an almost completely empty desktop: no taskbar, no launcher, no clock... just in the upper right conner there's a small rectangle  that opens a menu allowing to add widgets and activities to the desktop. What's even stranger when ap app is launched its window does not even have a titlebar. There appears to be no way to minimize, maximize, move or even close the window. The app can be closed from its internal menu, if it has one, but that's about it.

Did I do something wrong or KDE is really that screwed up in testing at the moment?

Installed LXDE and LXDE performs as expected, normally looking windows, taskbar, etc.

Any ideas? Thanks

# aptitude show kde-standard
Package: kde-standard
Version: 5:102
State: installed
Automatically installed: no
Priority: optional
Section: metapackages
Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org <mailto:debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org>>
Architecture: amd64
Uncompressed Size: 21.5 k
Depends: akregator (>= 4:17.12.3), ark (>= 4:17.08.3), dragonplayer (>= 4:17.08.3), gwenview (>= 4:17.08.3), juk (>= 4:17.08.3), kaddressbook (>= 4:17.12.3), kate (>= 4:17.08.3), kcalc (>= 4:17.08.3), kde-plasma-desktop (>= 5:102), kde-spectacle (>= 17.08.3), khelpcenter
          (>= 4:17.08.3), kmail (>= 4:17.12.3), knotes (>= 4:17.12.3), kopete (>= 4:17.08.3), korganizer (>= 4:17.12.3), kwalletmanager (>= 4:17.08.3), okular (>= 4:17.08.3), plasma-dataengines-addons (>= 4:5.10), plasma-pa (>= 5.10) | kmix (>= 4:17.08.3),
          plasma-runners-addons (>= 4:5.10), plasma-wallpapers-addons (>= 4:5.10), plasma-widgets-addons (>= 4:5.10), polkit-kde-agent-1 (>= 4:5.10), sweeper (>= 4:17.08.3)
Recommends: konq-plugins (>= 4:17.08.3), plasma-nm (>= 4:5.10)

I had that happen not too long ago in Stretch. I just rebooted and it was OK.

You may want to also check your settings in Display - Compositor. You may have to change to a different rendering backend. Also you might want to uncheck any experimental options if you have them checked.

Sometimes though, when things update, old themes or window decorations aren't updated to support any new features. Try going back to the default window decoration and style. If it is in the default decoration/style maybe try a different one?

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