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pactl and bluetooth

Hello the list

I'm running stretch amd64, upgraded from at least jessie and I think 
wheezy -- memory's a bit hazy now. I use Gnome on this machine.

Every time I reboot I find I can't connect my bluetooth headphones to 
the computer. In the Gnome bluetooth applet, when I click the slide 
button to connect, it immediately slides from ON to OFF without seeming 
to do anything.

A while back the archives of this list helped me discover that in order 
to fix this I need to run as root:

pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover

Doing this immediately makes it possible to connect the headphones.

Can anyone point me at documentation of how I could arrange things so 
this happens automatically and I don't have to type it by hand? I know 
there's a way but I am struggling to find, or remember, how.



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