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Re: DHCP to static without reboot?

On Friday 24 August 2018 23:33:49 Mark Pavlichuk wrote:

> ifdown doesn't seem to work.  It seems to complete successfully with
> messages about a released DHCP address, but ifconfig shows the
> interface is still up, a ping will be returned etc...  Though if I try
> another ifdown it will say the interface is not configured.
> If I then make configuration changes, then ifup, ifconfig will show no
> change.

I've experienced that on a armbian install on a rock64, it takes 
sometimes 2 or 3 powerdown recycles to make a change in e-n-i.d/name of 
interface to stick. And it doesn't work at all if you try to set a 
separate netmask, you must use address xx.xx.xx.xx/24 style.

So this is not an amd64 problem only.  Thats an arm64.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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