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Re: mailing list vs "the futur"

On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 05:54:47AM +0000, Piotr Martyniuk wrote:
> On 2018-08-23, rhkramer@gmail.com <rhkramer@gmail.com> wrote:
> > On Thursday, August 09, 2018 01:47:24 PM Greg Wooledge wrote:
> >> On Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 05:39:36PM +0000, tech wrote:
> >> > Should'nt be time to move away from an old mail-listing to something more
> >> > modern like a bugzilla or else ???
> NNTP was the way. You do not need more than this.

ed, awk and fast typing to filter those convos of interest "on
demand" ought be plenty for anyone ... sheesh!

Man, when we wuz yung unz, we were -lucky- to even have cosmic rays
for editing.

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