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Re: Proton for Steam on Debian.

On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 8:11 PM Dominic Knight <dominicknight@gmx.com> wrote:
Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of this to share. Or even
any thoughts on security which could be useful.


Under the install for Linux section it says to set up a Debian machine
to run the software on as it requires latest drivers etc. Well, I have
one of them of course - running steam in a flatpak on Buster, but would
be interested to know about game compatabilty (most especially for
Phantom Doctrine if anyone has tried that) of Windows only games using
Steams Proton/Wine configuration.

It's hit or miss.  Some games, particularly ones Loki ported over that id Software no longer support (everything id Software ever did that's still on Steam) or that were originally released on Linux and then the developer (such as Atari or Epic) later neglected past libc compatibility (such as UT 2004) work pretty smoothly from what I have in my library.

Slightly sore about UT 2004's native Linux version dying of bitrot, I was about 300 hours in and one of the top ranked players in the world when that died...

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