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Re: yabasic problem

On 08/20/2018 08:49 AM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

Greg Wooledge wrote:
But if BASIC is working for someone out there, then hey, great.

Sure. I am still wondering what will be the final solution to Richard's
riddle. (The typo theory seems to have died now. Remains the sticky error

I'll attempt to claim at least minimal sanity and common sense.
This project started out in Tcl, which I visualize as a super-BASIC.

Project precis: SeaMonkey can save bookmarks in two formats.
JSON which is lossless but not suitable for human.
HTML which is human friendly, but loses hierarchical information [critical for my purposes]
Due to inexperience I got lost in how Tcl handled my JSON data.
Now that I have yabasic reading/writing files I've solved my program logic problems. It's losing critical data. I have a strong suspicion that when it reads my input file it sees some data as a line terminator.

Now that I know my program logic is valid, I'll likely translate it into Tcl for which there is a friendly debugging tool - the code pane of tcltutor30b7.

As to:
   > strace -o mytrace2 ls
I did a power off/power on sequence. I got a 9.5kb file with 10 instances of "ENOENT (No such file or directory)". If anyone is interested, I'll send them a copy.

As to:> As to problem doing:> Did you make experiments to verify or falsify my theory ?
E.g. by provoking an error different from "File not found" and then
checking whether this message sticks to peek().

With a good filename, nothing printed.
With a bad filename, it reports file not found.

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