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Group ID conflicts between different distros: how to manage them with NIS?

I have redhat and debian machines in the same network. Users and groups are controlled via NIS

I have realized that redhat and debian have different groups definitions for system resources access control. For instance, redhat machines have group lp with GID 4, while debian states that lp group is GID 7. 

That means that I cannot manage his kind of group based resource access control from NIS - not from a single one, at least, without doing something to remedy the conflicts

Maybe I could just chgrp the device files as needed, but I'd rather avoid doing this kind of intrusive tinkering. New boxes installs would be a problem, also.

What would be the best way to manage this (other than managing groups on machines themselves, individually)? Different NIS domains for different distros? Is there any tutorial on managing multiple domains on the same NIS server, out there? Other ideas?

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