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Re: /etc/alternatives feedback for presentation

Am 11. Aug, 2018 schwätzte Ryan Nowakowski so:

moin moin Ryan,

On Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 08:08:00PM +0000, der.hans wrote:
moin moin,

I'm giving a presentation on /etc/alternatives in a few hours.

If you use the alternatives system a lot and would like to spend a few
minutes reviewing my talk for me, please see the links below.

Any use cases or cool functionality that I've missed?

Anything I've gotten completely wrong?

Any suggestions for good examples?

AsciiDoc source file:


Slidy HTML ( one-page format without JavaScript, slides with JavaScript ):


You might add more info on how the other methods interact with
update-alternatives.  For example if I set the EDITOR env var how does
that interact with update-alternatives when I run visudo?  In fact I
think something like a "best practices" is needed for setting default
programs and then overriding them on a per user basis.  I'm not sure
this presentation is the right place for that but perhaps it could be
a wiki page in the future.

Yeah, I think I need to write/update an article on how they are used and
in what order they're evaluated. That would actually be a good resource
for my anatomy of the command line presentation as well.

I also need more examples.


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