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Re: Debian 9 network management

On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 01:08:40AM -0700, Remigio wrote:
> Hi there,
> recently I installed Debian 9 Stretch and I noticed that the network configuration management method was substantially changed.
> Infact the file /etc/network/interfaces is almost empty despite I've inserted the network parameters during the installation process and network works now.
> I tried searching on the web about this topic but I found lots of different answers.
> Could you help me please to understand where are network configuration files and how to manage them?

/etc/network/interfaces will still work -- and if it does what
you need, it's the best solution in many ways.

However, the default is NetworkManager, which attempts to handle
every conceivable situation automatically.

You can kill the NetworkManager process, apt remove it, and
write up an /etc/network/interfaces (or interfaces.d/* ) file,
reboot and be happy.


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