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Spectre variants 3a and 4 on Debian 8


I would like to protect my SuperMicro SYS-5018R-MR server from the
newest Spectre variants 3a and 4 and hence did the following:

- updated SuperMicro BIOS to v3.1 from 06/06/2018 which explicitly
addresses these 2 new variants based on their release notes
- updated to the latest Debian 8.11 with the kernel 3.16.57-2 (2018-07-14)
- added non-free/contrib repos and installed intel-microcode package
- rebooted server

Still after all that the spectre-meltdown-checker.sh script from
meltdown.ovh still reports that my server is vulnearble to variants 3a
and 4 and even to variant 3.

Is it possible that this is related to me using Debian 8 with a Kernel 3.16?

Another particularity from this server is that I am using Xen dom0
hypervisor (official Xen 4.4 packages from Debian 8 repo). So maybe
this is because of Xen?

Best regards,

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