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Using jq to clean/organize SeaMonkey bookmarks?

My bookmarks have grown like Topsy
I have many duplicates and the tree structure is a mess.
I have two primary goals:
  1. find and purge duplicates.
  2. move folders around to create a more reasonable structure.

After trying several approaches and looking for useful tools I found
jq [https://stedolan.github.io/jq/]. One related page I found is titled "jq is sed for JSON".

An outline of a possible procedure might be:
 1. Export SeaMonkey bookmarks in JSON format.
 2. use jq to pretty print the JSON. It does so nicely.
 3. Find duplicate targets and delete all but one.
 4. Each leaf of the bookmark tree is an object.
    Move these objects around to create a more friendly tree.
 5. Import the clean organized bookmarks.

Has anyone done this?
Is there a friendly in depth jq tutorial? The ones I've found tend to be on the "Hello world" level. There is just enough to tantalize.

Links of interest include:

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