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Re: If not "newbie" then ????

On 07/21/2018 04:46 PM, cyaiplexys wrote:

Try CherryTree. I use that program for everything. It's cross-platform. I download it from the web site instead of using the version in the Debian Repo as the latest version fixes some annoying bugs (of which I kinda forgot what but would quickly be reminded if I used the repo version).

I think that would be useful for categorizing questions and you can even search through them. If you want to save to PDF or HTML, it can export to those formats as well.

I've used CherryTree for everything from keeping code snippets to installation instructions to writing up tutorials (and exporting to HTML).

I've installed CherryTree 0.38.5 from their site.
It can do everything I need *IF* I manually enter all the data.

I'm trying to import a large set of SeaMonkey bookmarks (a SQLite file).
When using SQLite commands I can create a CSV file with only the information of interest.

The CherryTree 0.38.5 manual explicitly states that CSV can be imported. But there is no menu item in the actual program.

The CSV has the required information to describe the node/sub-node structure in explicit detail.


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