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Re: Re: Setting default network device in Buster


> David, what happens if you run sudo systemctl enable ssh and reboot?
I did that, and I cannot connect with ssh before logging into KDE.
>From the first TTY, I tried pinging a few sites and all packets are
lost. I also ran 'sudo ip address show' and there is no IP address
apart from the loopback.

My onboard gigabit wired interface is 'enp3s0', and the wireless NIC
is 'wlp4s0'.  During the installation, I had an ethernet cable
attached to enp3s0, and the Debian installer asked which interface was
to be used for the installation, and I selected 'enp3s0'.  In my den,
I don't have a cable running to the machine. What I want is for
'wlp4s0' to be brought up on boot and remain connected to my home wifi
network, irrespective of whether I'm sitting at the desktop or logged
into KDE.

I think one issue is getting sshd to start on boot, which is what I
think we have accomplished here, but the other issue is to get the
wireless interface itself up (and configured via DHCP, etc).

One practical thing I want to do is to have RStudio Server running on
the Debian machine, and be able to connect to it on my MacBook and
work on projects from my living room.

Thanks for any help

David Bruce

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