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Re: how to prevent security update installation during stretch installation

On 8/1/18 1:00 AM, Long Wind wrote:
> i don't like security update because i suspect it cause problem (some
> packaged can't be installed) during stretch installation last time
> and i've used linux for a long time and i think it's stable even without
> security update. and installing update always takes time and space, and
> it offer little value

I would beg to differ on the "little value" aspect. If you are still
running Debian 9.0 (and not the latest version, 9.5) you are vulnerable
to Meltdown, Spectre, various web browser exploits, and a whole host of
other issues that are documented here:


If you suspect a specific package has a problem due to a security
update, I would file a bug against that package. But to blindly
disregard security updates is irresponsible and dangerous.

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