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Re: SSL to TLS

Bringing this back to the list, in case anyone else has any
suggestions ... 

culser wrote:
> gee Dan
> thank you for such a fast response
> ok so i am downloading Debian 9.4.0 AMD DVD now.
> should i upgrade the existing server or build a new server with the
> new 9.4

Personally, I'd go with at least a new VM - jumping as many versions as
you are may prove to have a rather large number of deprecations or other
changes in your software (e.g. Postfix, etc.), rendering current
configuration files invalid.  Having Etch still around to do stuff until
you've dealt with all the "new stuff" in Stretch.

> if i upgrade will that change my settings for Apache, Postfix, ProFTP,
> ect ... ?

The "upgrade" itself probably wouldn't do anything -- but as I said
above, you're talking about a pretty big jump in terms of revisions; so
individual programs quite likely have different syntax now.
> please advise
> Dave
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