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Re: GCC 7

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On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 12:06:21PM +0200, Irek Szcześniak wrote:
> Thanks, Tomás, for your email.
> I should have written before that I don't want the GCC 7 to be a
> system-wide compiler, along with libraries and some other
> dependencies. I need GCC 7 to compile my own code (C++17) that I
> run.  I don't need to distribute the binaries.

I see. Then pbuilder might well be an option (you might end up
having to run your application in the chroot, but hey).

> Yes, GCC 7 is not in the backports, so it's not an option.  There
> might be some Debian packages with GCC 7, but I worry about making a
> FrankenDebian, and the ensuing dependency and linking problems.

Yeah -- I already mixed a newer version of GCC back then by enabling
testing into a stable and survived it (actually for a year's period,
on my main work machine) but ended up with nearly 100% testing after
a while. FrankenDebian isn't as bad as its reputation, but you want
to watch your step. Aptitude tends to become unusable after a while
(its dependency resolver seems to intelligent to master that much
chaos), but apt-get/apt can cope.

So if you know what you're doing and you are a bit fearless,
FrankenDebian isn't *that* bad. Not recommended for beginners and
those who just want peace with their computers, for sure.

> Thanks for pointing out pbuilder, I think I'll give it a try.  I
> also might want to try virtual containers, but it seems like an
> overkill.
> I might later drop an email to the debian-gcc mailing list.

Yes, perhaps someone gets nudged into backporting (actually you
might try yourself: just download the gcc-7 source package, its
build dependencies (apt-get build-dep) and build away, but gcc
is of course daunting, so you most probably end up shaving
a king-size yak :-)

- -- tomás
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