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Re: apcupsd - system shut down on self test

Richard Hector wrote:

> Is that apcupsd doing the self-test, or the UPS itself?

yes it comes from apcupsd .

>> The battery was replaced 1 or 2y ago and also it shouldn't just shut down
>> when testing - this emberassing.
> I'd start first by confirming that the UPS does have enough battery.
> But my experience with UPSes is minimal.

I think I'll have to spend additional time on that. The thing is that I have
this UPC since 6y and already replaced the battery. apcupsd is doing those
tests on monthly bases and I had never the power off. This is the first

I think it might be that there was one virtual machine running while this
happened and it could be that it was eating too much power - but this is
strange anyway. I will have to investigate as I have not heard anything
better here.


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