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Re: Not power off after shutdown in Jessie

On 2018-05-31 at 02:01, Miroslav Skoric wrote:

> After upgrading from Wheezy LTS to Jessie, one of my machines having 512 
> MB RAM, does not power off when it reached target shutdown. It seems 
> some old issue/bug with systemd or else. In fact, everything closes down 
> properly except it does not unmount the following:
> /run/user/1000
> /run/user/106
> /var
> /home
> /tmp

How can you tell that these are still mounted?

> ... and hangs there forever. That did not happen in Wheezy. Any idea?

Could it be a kernel/BIOS incompatibility? (I.e., probably something to
do with ACPI tables.)

I've recently needed to experiment at work with some new versions of
what is basically a LiveCD-type environment; along with various other
updates, those new versions have an updated kernel, and I think that's
the relevant factor.

On some computer models, the new versions of that environment failed to
shut down or reboot all the way; they'd get as far (into the shutdown
messages) as the point where the screen should go blank for the reboot
or shutdown, and then hang there forever. Powering off resulted in a
clean boot next time, as if the shutdown had succeeded. On other
computer models, everything worked fine.

The only fix I've found for that problem, aside from reverting to the
older kernel, is to upgrade the BIOS on the affected computers. Some of
them had BIOS versions dating back to at least 2012, if not 2009;
bringing them up to the manufacturer's latest BIOS release for that
model got the new environments to shut down and reboot normally.

My best guess is that the newer kernel (and/or some drivers included
therein) is relying on updated expectations about what the BIOS will do
in response to a given input, and the BIOS on the affected machines
doesn't actually satisfy those expectations.

I don't know whether what you're seeing is the same behavior, but it
could be worth checking on.

   The Wanderer

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