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Re: Sound cron job delayed while VLC running


I'am not sure which sound backend you are using.
As far as I can remember, ALSA didn't allow multiple processes to
output sound at the same time. 

With other sound backends, e. g. PulseAudio this may change. 

However, I don't have any clue, why this problem arises just after the

Best Regards,

Am Fri, 8 Jun 2018 16:33:45 +0200 (CEST)
schrieb Roger Price <debian@rogerprice.org>:

> For nearly 20 years, I have had a cron job in which a dog (yes, it's
> Biff) barks the hours.  The lines in /etc/crontab are
>     0   0,12  * * *  rprice /mnt/home/rprice/bark/bark.sh 12
>     ...
>     0  11,23  * * *  rprice /mnt/home/rprice/bark/bark.sh 11
> In the bark.sh script, the sound is produced by sox command
>     /usr/bin/play -q hour12.au
> I have now migrated to Debian stretch but would still like to hear
> Biff barking the hours.  The cron job works well as long as VLC is
> not running.  But while VLC runs, the cron job waits.  When VLC has
> finished, I hear the barking.  Is there some way of having the
> barking while VLC plays?
> I can see nothing in VLC configuration file ~rprice/.config/vlc/vlcrc
> which prevents others from accessing the sound card at the same time.
> Roger

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