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Re: Not power off after shutdown in Jessie

On 2018-05-31, Miroslav Skoric <skoric@eunet.rs> wrote:
> After upgrading from Wheezy LTS to Jessie, one of my machines having 512 
> MB RAM, does not power off when it reached target shutdown. It seems 
> some old issue/bug with systemd or else. In fact, everything closes down 
> properly except it does not unmount the following:
> /run/user/1000
> /run/user/106
> /var
> /home
> /tmp
> ... and hangs there forever. That did not happen in Wheezy. Any idea?

You could try logging out, I've read somewhere, switching to a console,
logging in as root (or another user entirely) and executing
'systemd-cgls' to determine what processes are still running for the
user in question (assuming for the moment your problem is related to
some program in your session being "stuck.")

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