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Re: upgrade to X 1.20.0 broken

On 29/05/18 17:38, rogerh@onlinenw.com wrote:

I am running sid, and updated to X.org 1.20.0. Since then I cannot login.

I am running lightdm with xfce. lightdm comes up just fine, but when I login,
after a second or two, it comes back to the lightdm login screen. I have
an old
graphics card (EVGA 6600GT) and monitor (NEC 1970GX) from 2005. They use the
nouveau display driver.

Same problem here. I have an old graphical card (Quadro FX 880M), the
nvidia driver 340xx is now out of the sid repository (EOL I suppose)
and I tried the nouveau driver. Impossible to log in. I had to go
back to the stable version of nvidia-driver (340) with aptitude.

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