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Re: Wipefs which action ?

On Sat, May 26, 2018 at 04:44:33PM +0100, Bhasker C V wrote:
> wipefs manual says -n for both noheadings and "no action"
> the no-headings must be -i

I've only ever used two options on wipefs:

wipefs /dev/sda3
  to discover where the offset is for the filesystem info

wipefs -o 0x100 /dev/sda3
  (or whatever other offset was discovered above) to wipe it

My copy of wipefs (stretch, util-linux 2.29.2) does not have a -i option
at all, and does not have anything close to "noheadings".

/sbin/wipefs -h

 wipefs [options] <device>

Wipe signatures from a device.

 -a, --all           wipe all magic strings (BE CAREFUL!)
 -b, --backup        create a signature backup in $HOME
 -f, --force         force erasure
 -h, --help          show this help text
 -n, --no-act        do everything except the actual write()
 -o, --offset <num>  offset to erase, in bytes
 -p, --parsable      print out in parsable instead of printable
 -q, --quiet         suppress output messages
 -t, --types <list>  limit the set of filesystem, RAIDs or
partition tables
 -V, --version       output version information and exit

For more details see wipefs(8).

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