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Re: Thunderbird does not start and freezes

On 2018-05-28 at 17:09, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:

> On 29/05/18 00:20, Pétùr wrote:
>> Le 27/05/2018 à 15:24, Pétùr a écrit :
>>> In sid, trying to launch thunderbird does do anything and freezes
>>> the system (mouse works but cannot act on windows, going to tty
>>> works).
>> I uninstalled apparmor for now and thunderbird is launching. (if
>> someone has the same issue).
> Please file a thunderbird bug report. Your last audit line is I think
>  the relevant one. After filing many apparmor bug reports against 
> thunderbird, I now boot with apparmor=0.

I thought they'd gotten so many problems with Thunderbird under AppArmor
when they first enabled it for user-based testing that they'd wound up
disabling the Thunderbird AppArmor profile entirely, with the option for
the local admin to enable it if desired.

If you're seeing this behavior, that probably means they've found what
they think is a solution for enough of those problems, and enabled the
profile again - and I'm not at all sure that that's a good thing, at
this stage...

   The Wanderer

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