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Re: netbeans crashing on testing/sid

Le 23/05/2018 à 21:00, Glenn Holmer a écrit :
[I seem to be having problems posting to the Debian list, so I'm
re-sending this to you personally.]

On 05/23/2018 05:13 AM, rudu wrote:
I can't get netbeans to start, I see the splash screen displaying
messages as "initialysing, loading modules, loading services" and then
it disappears, leaving no clue in a terminal.
ii  netbeans             8.1+dfsg3-2  all          Extensible Java IDE
8.1 is an old version, released 2015-11-04. The most recent version is
8.2, released by Oracle on 2016-10-03. However, since then, NetBeans has
become an incubating Apache project:


We are very close to releasing 9.0 (the IPMC release vote for RC1 is in
progress). It's been tested on JDK8 and JDK10. Here is the feature list:


I recommend trying the current build rather than the beta, since many
bugs were fixed during testing. You can find it here:


Just download the zip file and extract it to a convenient location, then
run netbeans/bin/netbeans.

Note that we are still awaiting the second code donation from Oracle, so
you will have to install the JavaEE modules from the update center if
you need them. They will appear as part of the install in a subsequent

Thank you very much Glenn, this was all I needed to know to come back on track. Do you know if/when a package will be in the sid/testing repositories ? (For easier updates)

Thanks again,


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