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Re: making more room in root partition for distribution upgrade

Charlie S wrote:
> On Sat, 19 May 2018 09:16:43 -0500 ntrfug sent:
>> More than 20 years ago I began saving personal files to a different
>> partition than the OS.
>> I've used this system for Windows (when I started) and for more
>> flavors of Linux than I can remember. I did this so I could wipe the
>> root partition and reinstall without destroying my personal files.
>> I call it "files" and mount it on /home/ntrfug/Documents at boot.
> 	After contemplation, my reply is:
> I thought that's what everyone did?
> Have a root, a home, a usr, a var, a tmp, graphics, etc etc.. partition.
> If ever there is a problem with the O/S and in the event it needs
> reinstallation. Install what O/S is desired and allow all the other
> partitions to be used, but not formatted.


  in my last system i had many different partitions like that but
with the new system i decided that was wasting too much space and
so with the new one i've gone to keeping everything in one 
partition per version i'm booting.

  that way i'm not wasting much space.  i have four partitions,
boot/efi, root for testing, root for stable and then swap.  i'm
not doing RAID or LVM or encryption as nothing i do is that
critical (i do have a separate backup device).

  i think the main point to consider though is what the system
is being used for.  in a production system where you may have
large areas of data, pictures, etc. which are apart from user
files and the OS then it makes sense to have things split apart
but for most people doing things on a home system maybe you 
don't need that complexity?

  for me the gain in space moving to the new system was great.
if i need to reorganize later chances are pretty good i'll just
buy an additional SSD as capacity should continue to improve
for about the same price.  i may not really have to buy a new
system again until this one burns out completely.  the SSDs
can be leapfrogged easily enough as time goes on if i run out
of SATA connections or slots.


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