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Re: making more room in root partition for distribution upgrade

Mark Copper composed on 2018-05-17 18:06 (UTC-0500):

> There was a day when a 10 gb partition seemed like plenty of space to leave
> for the system but now it's not. An upgrade to Stretch appears to need more.
> What have other people done?

My largest Stretch root partition is 5.6GB. One or more of my 32 bit Stretch
installations may be on 4.8GB. All have separate partitions for /home and
/usr/local, none /opt or /usr. All are either EXT3 or EXT4. None have Cinnamon,
XFCE, Gnome, Mate, KDE or LibreOffice. Most have only IceWM and TDE. Nothing
stays in apt's cache for long, but I do have more than two installed kernels on
many of them. Also, all are kept svelte by APT::Install-Recommends "false";.
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