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Re: Sid in virtualbox: vbox drivers not built?

Patrick Bartek <nemommxiv@gmail.com> writes:

> On Sun, 06 May 2018 15:04:28 +0200 Felix Natter <fnatter@gmx.net> wrote:
>> hello Debian-users,

hello Patrick,
>> I am using virtualbox-guest-x11 5.2.10-dfsg-6, but when starting X11,
>> "vboxvideo" cannot be found. The other utils ("copy and paste") do not
>> work either.
>> I notice that when installing "virtualbox-guest-utils
>> virtualbox-guest-x11 virtualbox-guest-dkms", no modules are built.
>> There have been many changes lately:
>> http://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs/contrib/v/virtualbox/virtualbox_5.2.10-dfsg-6_changelog
>> --> so is it just broken temporarily (I've seen this before)?
> Have you installed dkms, appropriate kernel headers, gcc, etc?

Sure, it worked before some update. However, it is already fixed with
the 5.2.10-dfsg-7 update. (I suspected this, and was looking for another

Thanks for your answer and Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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