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Re: Running of rrequested tests - [was Backup problem using "cp"]


Richard Owlett wrote:
> # stat / | fgrep Device
> Device: 80eh/2062d    Inode: 2           Links: 22
> ...
> # stat /media/richard/MISC-backups/dev_sda14/ | fgrep Device
> Device: 819h/2073d    Inode: 15728641    Links: 4

That's different filesystems.
So cp -x should not try to copy again what it just had copied.

> cp: cannot stat
> '/media/richard/MISC-backups/dev_sda14/home/richard/.local/share/Trash/exp
> unged/1449727740/grub2 problem-2018-02-13/grub2 problem-2018-02-13/...
> ... ...
> ... grub2 problem-2018-02-13': File name too long

It seems that my theory is not valid.

Something could be wrong with the input tree instead. Especially around file
"grub2 problem-2018-02-13".

What do you get from

  ls -lR /home/richard/.local/share/Trash/expunged/1449727740/"grub2 problem-2018-02-13" 2>&1 | less

This could be many text lines. So i propose to pipe the output into "less"
and to then explore it without flooding the terminal.

If nothing spectacular shows up: What does this yield:

  ls -lR /home/richard/.local/share/Trash/expunged/1449727740 2>&1 | less

Have a nice day :)


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