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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

Martin Steigerwald wrote:

> I think mainly Akonadi, Nepomuk, Plasma, a bit also Phonon needs
> quite some more stabilization and performance work.

After 10years - those basic applications still cause problems ... and you
call it "more stabilization and performance work" ... come on - jokes.

The problem as I understood it is fundamental disagreement between stability
and functionality. 
New KDE missed the target in my opinion, but as free software, it has always
another chance. It missed the target, because they promised to deliver and
delivered never in the past 10y.
Same story with systemd - only mess and problems - and it seems it will stay
like this.
So I stick to the old 3.5 which is now trinity 14 and for a desktop it is
great. Indeed there are still some bugs here and there, but nothing you
could call criticall.
For mobile devices - meego and mer are again the better choice. However a
friend uses KDE5 and it looks much better, works much better and is more
promising ... but again with issues.
If they finally manage to deliver now - it will be great and I will be
glad - after 10y.
>From code perspective (design etc) new KDE looks great, compared to old KDE
it is much easier to work with the code, but I guess there are still some
fundamental misunderstandings.

Just my 5cent.


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