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Re: A long rant on Debian 9

Things are getting better if not quite right. I have a lean x/fvwm system installed and I have managed to get an xterm displayed. The major issues I have left outstanding are

1: The X40 has a three-mbutton trackpoint but while button 1 works, button 2 has no affect and button 3 does what button 2 should do. Not seen that before and not sure where to look.

2: Still no wifi. iwconfig allows me to set key and essid etc but ifup says it has not heard about wlp2s2 which is the name "ip link" gives. Sometimes the wifi is active judging from the flashing of the lights but no connection. I am used to using ifconfig/iwconfig on other machines.

3: My wifi is WPA-PSK (I think version 2). Is teresoe package I eed for this? Just realised that I have never used wifi on debian boxes....

And again thank you all for your advice and comments. It is getting better.

==John ff

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