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Re: Dead computer after system shutdown. - Resolved for Now

Gene Heskett wrote:

> FWIW, its been 55 of those years since I last saw a Telefunken radio so I
> have no clue what safety pressure release mechanism is used by the
> German speakers electrolytics today, but on our side of the small pond
> that laps at out right coast, the cans are scored on top so that they
> can finish the crack and relieve the pressure in a more or less
> non-destructive manner, but the tops will often visibly bulge quite a
> bit in the earlier stages of such a failure, so we look for domed tops
> as an indicator that *ESR is raising its ugly head in the power circuits
> and trouble is not far off.

Germans are faking a lot of things recently to keep the economy running. We
personally avoid buying German stuff, unless proven that is 100% German.
The introduced a law, that allows them to write "made in Germany" if only
1/3 or 2/3 of it is made in Germany. So that's why it works so well - they
produce in China, package or add some few parts in Germany and voilla -
they sell it as made in Germany.

Regarding the elcos I recall 2005 in the company, I was at that time, the
PCs started dieing. Few PCs even caught fire. We found out the reason were
few of the elcos. One sales person was working with Japanese companies and
he reported that there was a huge scandal regarding elcos. The Chinese have
stolen the formula from the Japanese, but did not translate the receipt
properly. A huge amount of elcos already sold were affected :D


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