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Re: pkg-config: required as dep so often - How and where to report?

Alexander Traud wrote:

> Or am I on the complete wrong track and this is not even a minor bug?

IMO it is not really a bug, because I do not need pkg-config, to build some
peace of code. pkg-config is needed in case you use the build scripts that
require pkg-config, but the developer could not know which way you will go,
so I think it is OK to not have it anywhere.
Installing a *dev package suggest that you will use the header file. It does
not suggest that you will use build scripts that require pkg-config. For
example cmake projects offer macros that obsolete pkg-config and the
developer do not know what exactly you will use to build your project.

I see some developers put it in as suggested, depends or alike, but what is
exactly the problem with not having it somewhere. The fun with Linux is
that it is an adventure that never ends.
You can of course request putting it in as suggested for example.


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