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Cannot start davmail service

Hi list:

I have a problem with davmail package in debian testing and need some advise. 

If I install it I can start and stop the service via systemctl without any 
problem and it works flawlessly.

However, after a reboot, the service does not start. I get the following 

abr 26 10:51:00 localhot systemd[17207]: davmail.service: Failed to execute 
command: Exec format error
abr 26 10:51:00 localhot systemd[17207]: davmail.service: Failed at step EXEC 
spawning /usr/bin/davmail: Exec format error

If I *uninstall* and then reinstall the package (and some java dependencies) 
then it works again, I can start and stop the daemon and everything works fine 
until next reboot. This does not work if I only reinstall the package without 
uninstalling first. So this suggest that has to do with some of the 

If I run as a user directly the file /usr/bin/davmail   then:
- Just after an install, davmail starts as a desktop app and no problem.
- After a reboot, I get the following error on a fish shell:
Failed to execute process '/usr/bin/davmail'. Reason:
exec: Exec format error
The file '/usr/bin/davmail' is marked as an executable but could not be run by 
the operating system.

on bash I only get a set of meaningless symbols. Until I reinstall it.

I suspect that there is a problem with the java configuration on my system. 
But I have no idea what to look for. 

Any advise?


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