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Re: mkisofs (was: Installer image for installation via ssh)

On Thu 19 Apr 2018 at 22:14:05 +0200, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

> Hi,
> i wrote:
> > > But [genisoimage's] main problem is that nobody wants to do work in its
> > > code, of which Joerg Schilling claims intellectual ownership.
> > The first is regrettable. The second does not seem unjustified.
> The man page of xorriso ends by
>   ...
>   Compliments towards Joerg Schilling whose cdrtools served  me for ten
>   years.
> But said that, it is annoying to get accused of code stealing from a GPLed
> software package, to get invited to contribute to cdrtools, and to get told
> that you are not skilled enough to understand the greatness of cdrtools,
> all simultaneously.

It takes all sorts.... :)

> > >   https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Modify/CD
> > I lost the will to live after reading the third section. Like most
> > accounts of this nature, it is long on commands to run but short on
> > explanation of what is going on.
> The experts want to dump knowledge before it falls victim to Alois Alzheimer.
> That article seems to demonstrate in detail how one would add packages to
> an existing installation ISO. Heavy googling might be needed to understand
> what it does and how it is to be done nowadays.

You have understood the main purpose of the page (as I did). The article
could be made a little more explanatory (IMO). Fortunately, there is
remedial action which can be taken to make it a little more accessible.

> > The wiki (AFAIK) has no structure in place to
> > co-ordinate or drive essential changes. The best one can do is to alter
> > individual pages. Or write new ones.
> But from that it won't get better but only more fragmented.

My point was really about co-ordination, co-operation and discussion on
the direction a particular topic should take. There is no central point
to address this. Perhaps it isn't needed. 

I am not asking for such a change to take place; in fact, I rather like
the freedom and disciplne offered at present.


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