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Re: graphic tablet controls

"how recent a kernel do you have?  what version of
Debian are you on?  what desktop?"

I'm running stretch, using a 4.9.0-6 kernel. The problem exists on all
the major desktops including GNOME, KDE, Cinammon, and LXDE, so the
problem is unlikely to be the desktop

"First of all check if your Wacom device is supported by linux - not
all of them are.

For more check here


Thanks for the link, but I already know that the Intuos Draw is
supported at least partially, because I am using it as a mouse
replacement, and stretch detects it. The question is why the desktop
tools can't detect it.

I found some information on the Arch website that didn't directly help
me (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wacom_tablet), but it does
suggest that /dev/input/wacom should have been created -- which, on my
system, didn't happen. Any idea if that file could be created manually
-- and, if so, how?

The Intuos Draw is clearly supported to a degree, because I am using
it as a replacement.

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