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Re: I can't expand the Debian-partition

Gdsi wrote:
> Hi all.
> After copying a bulk files I felt the limitation of Debian-partition, and decided expand it, as a space on disk was. The partitions on disk placed so: sda2-Debian, sda3-swap.  I deleted the sda3-swap, and expand sda2-Debian, and create swap again.  I used "parted" with terminal. After all 'parted' and 'fdisk' are seeing increasing sda2-Debian and sda3-swap, but graphical file manager 'Thunar' don't seeing increasing sda2-Debian (i.e. its status-bar expose Free space: 733,9 MB) the size was before all changes .Besides this in the booting time are doing the check of disk, duration is 2 min.If I execute:
> -------/home/user# fdisk /dev/sda------ 
> there appear: 
> ---------Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them.
> Be careful before using the write command------
> But after attempts executes  command  write: 
> -----------Command (m for help): w
> The partition table has been altered.
> Calling ioctl() to re-read partition table.
> Re-reading the partition table failed.: Device or resource busy.
> The kernel still uses the old table. The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8)---------
> I don't know what may do. Give me any advices, please.

  reading along there, it says to reboot or use ...  the
simple answer to me is to reboot.

  you have backups and rescue media if needed right?


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