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Re: Invalid UTF-8 byte? (was: Re: utf)

rhkramer@gmail.com (2018-04-03):
> Next I'll have to refresh my memory on how to replace the existing From with 
> From preceded by the null character, i.e., something like:
> Find: \n\nFrom 
> Replace with \n\n0x00\nFrom

This is a very bad idea, and you are obviously about tu reproduce the
errors of the past.

You need to change your design. You obviously have free-form text, with
possibly some rigid syntax but not enough for your needs. Therefore, you
cannot use a delimiter inside the text. You have to put your structure
outside the text.

It is very typical of the "problems" people have with UTF-8: the problem
resides not in the properties of UTF-8 but in the unwritten assumptions
about the way they should be implementing things.


  Nicolas George

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