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Re: Completely disable Hibernation


@Felix Miata:
It was the unfamiliar phrase, "bootloader stanza" that threw me.  Once I
realised that what you were suggesting was adding "noresume" as a kernel
parameter at boot time, I had a look here:

"noresume" is described as so:  "Disables resume and restores original
swap space."
However, the "nohibernate" option also exists: "Disable hibernation and

I applied the latter and found that not only was hibernate now absent
from the DE shutdown dialog, but it was also greyed-out in the login
screen's shutdown menu.  I'm going to suggest that this kernel parameter
is the best practice method I've been looking for.  

I haven't yet checked to see whether it modifies available options in
power management settings, but suspect it probably does.

My opinion is that "noresume" doesn't prevent the creation of
hibernation images, just the use of them when booting.  I suspect it
also discards any existing image.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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