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Re: Debian 9 sucks really badly

Chris Anderson wrote:

> Nearly everything fucked up from the Network install to the gcc make
> command, what a hassle and after spending nearly a week trying to get it
> all working I've had enough and am not wasting any more of my time on
> this awful software.
> So thanks for wasting my time Debian and for future reference, go and
> get fucked!!!

Don't blame others for your incompetence. It is your own problem - see there
are hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of people using Debian and
you think it is problem with Debian - I think the problem is in your head.

Even more being rude shows the missing parts of your education as if someone
forced you to spend time with Debian - OMG what an IDIOT.

I don't wonder anymore from alledged Russian connections of Trump, to
alledged poisoning in Solsbery PLEASE shut down Facebook and Twitter and
all the stupid and useless web pages and SAVE THE PLANET and HUMANITY!


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