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Re: domain names, was: hostname

On Fri 23 Mar 2018 at 13:05:17 (-0400), Miles Fidelman wrote:
> On 3/23/18 1:01 PM, David Wright wrote:
> >On Fri 23 Mar 2018 at 11:59:06 (-0400), Miles Fidelman wrote:

> >>At some point, the network name that one's PC inserts into outgoing
> >>mail might become important.
> >I venture to suggest that many (most?) .home users will be using their
> >ISP's smarthost, which would mean that the ISP (a) usually insist on
> >authentication and (b) and likely to have issued the network name
> >(like ip70-179-161-106.fv.ks.cox.net) themselves.
> >
> >
> Not actually sure of that.  Verizon stopped offering mail a while
> ago (sent people to AOL), and then there are folks who have
> university or work accounts.

Verizon own AOL.


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