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Re: Federated, decentralised communication on the internet

Richard Hector wrote:
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> On 22/03/18 09:21, Greg Wooledge wrote:
>> One heuristic that is commonly used is to reject all messages where
>> the HELO doesn't even syntactically qualify as a valid FQDN -- in other=
>> words, has no dot in it.
> I often see this alluded to, but struggle to find evidence - why
> shouldn't there be a postmaster@com, for example? Or perhaps cic@mil?
> Is there any reason you can't have an A, MX or any other record on a
> TLD? Or even the root, though I concede that abuse@. would be easier to
> understand than just abuse@ [attempts to end sentence without a dot]

It is my understanding that the TLDs are not themselves valid domains.
That is, a valid domain is by definition "domain.tld".

I could be entirely wrong though.

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