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Debian installer with Backport(ed) kernel


Having just got some new machines and wanting to install debian stable I was met with the problem of stables kernel not supporting my raid card (MegaRAID Tri-Mode SAS3516) however I spotted that testings kernel supported it and the kernel had been backported.

I looked around and found https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/backports/README but unfortunately they aren't updated anymore :(

So I decided to try and build my own debian install CD that booted and installed the kernel from backports, documentation on all of this is certainly lacking but I have succeeded!

I've uploaded my monstrosity to http://mirror.sucs.org/pub/imran/debian-9.3-amd64-CD-1+bpokernel.iso

The source for making it is at https://github.com/imranh2/debian-cd-bpokernel

If anyone has any feedback on it I'd love to hear it!


Imran Hussain

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