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Re: Latest kernel update for Wheezy not compatible

Paul Zimmerman composed on 2018-01-09 23:43 (UTC):

> After running "aptitude update" and "aptitude safe-upgrade" on my Wheezy
> boxes, I find I have TWO kernels installed. One of them, the new patch for
> this "Meltdown" problem, does not boot. It hangs. Fortunately, they were
> smart enough to keep the old kernel and that still boots normally. Why would
> it be incompatible? Could there be missing dependencies? Or could it be that
> the CPU is very old? (Intel E8600 -- yes, from 2009, but at least it's a
> 'hybrid' motherboard that takes DDR3 memory :) Since Wheezy loses even
> long-term support in May, I guess they won't put much effort into fixing
> this. But I like my old Linux boxes. I hope there will be a kernel that they
> can run?

There's no reason to blame the age of your PC. 4 or 5 of of my newer PCs have
E8400 CPUs. I quit using Wheezy a long time ago, and mostly quit Jessie too. I
have multiple installations on PCs 4 or more years older than an E8600 running
fine on Stretch. The Stretch update I just did minutes ago was on a 32-bit PC
with DDR400 RAM, probably 6+ years older than yours.
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