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processor_unfixable security flaws

processor_unfixable security flaws

I cannot answer these questions myself:
- are "melton" & "spectre" related at the ime hidden features
(linustorwald said it is not a bug but a function not yet
discovered/exploited | 40 flaws) ?

* Replacing the cpu should solve these 'bugs'.
- does it mean that Intel is incompetent & sell low quality at a high price ?
Their industry is supported by their commercial monopoly but when a
product is defectuous , it should be replaced/repaired without
charge/gratis no ?
On their site, a microcode (firmware update) is provided for linux.

I understand these bugs like a bad conception of the cpu and not like an
operating system weakness so why the guys behind are still recruited by
intel and why they wait that 'someone else' do their job ?
Is it not a bizarre management of an international company ?
It sounds that building a closed product means that the
holes/bugs/flaws/vulnerabilities were implemented according on a
plan,following orders at a high level as a requirement for/at the
creation/benefit of intel.

ryzen (amd) should be compromised too.
Should gpu & 5g not be it ?

A remedy from google is like an article from a blog (which tor) where
propaganda & censure are the vectors of the sponsors : corruption.

Could these undefinable security flaws change the politic/policy of a
company building a clean, open, neat processor in a near future - assuming
they do know how to do that ... fake reputation - ?
(i mean near of the home/end-user without ime etc.)


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