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Tool to examine/modify .avi and .mov files

I often use jhead to examine EXIF headers in JPG files from my digital camera
and I also use jhead to fix EXIF time stamps in those files.

But what I'm looking for is an equivalent tool for AVI and MOV movie files
which I also get from my cameras.  Most important would be to be able to change
the time stamps in these files.

Using aptitude search I haven't found anything to do this.

Using strings -a on those files, I see usually three identical strings of the
format YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS.  I could write a simple tool to overwrite these
strings with the desired time stamp, but I don't know enough about the file
formats to be sure not to corrupt the file, e.g. because of checksums or other
items in the file that need to be changed too.


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