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Re: Experiences with BTRFS -- is it mature enough for enterprise use?

On Tuesday 02 January 2018 18:45:00 Darac Marjal wrote:

> On 02/01/18 23:02, David Christensen wrote:
> > On 01/02/18 10:05, deloptes wrote:
> >> David Christensen wrote:
> >>> You can boot with your md device with the following kernel command
> >>> lines:
> >>>
> >>> for old raid arrays without persistent superblocks:
> >>> md=<md device no.>,<raid level>,<chunk size factor>,<fault
> >>> level>,dev0,dev1,...,devn
> >
> > I did not write that.
> >
> >
> > This is the second incorrect attribution to myself I've seen in the
> > recent past...
> Really? It looks like you did.
> In message <[🔎] 7603d1fa-88db-25c0-678b-88424fec6426@holgerdanske.com>, I
> see four levels of quoting (so five levels of conversation). The
> message seems to read that you're quoting tomas@tuxteam.de quoting
> David Christensen quoting Sven Hartge quoting David Christensen. About
> half way down the message there is an unquoted passage that starts
> "Yes, I saw that when I STFW. It starts with" and continues into the
> above text ("You can boot with").
> So, what exactly are you complaining about?
> That you didn't write the text originally (i.e. because the author of
> the document did)? You may not have authored the text, but you still
> wrote into your email (perhaps you copy/pasted it. It's impossible to
> know that).
After 4 or so quote levels, the chances of its having come thru someones 
email agent who doesn't know about proper quoting, or worse yet is so 
used to winslow and the broken quoting its been doing since dos days, 
thinks its doing it right and won't fix it even if called to his 
attention, really is quite astronomical.

After all these years, I only object if something not correct has been 
miss-attributed to me. And its a better than even bet the first person 
to reply to my objection, will do so with an email agent that doesn't do 
it correctly. I swear the damned stuff is self-perpetuating.

Sometimes its not pc to be so friendly you ignore the broken stuff. But 
these lists would get a lot less "friendly" if the perps were called on 
it every time they post.  For a while, but once the offenders fixed 
their agents, I think they would find a new friendliness to a list that 
did enforce it.

Will it actually happen? Chances are I'd have better results offering a 
bridge in Sun City AZ for sale...

> Are you complaining that you didn't write the text as literally shown
> in deloptes' email? The bar or characters in the left column of the
> email are merely a formatting convention to show which parts of the
> email are quoted. You didn't write them, but deloptes added them to
> demarcate your text.
> Are you complaining that the text wasn't from an email by you, but
> from someone else? If so, who do you think it should be attributed to
> instead?
> > David

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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